The Last CavalierDaniel McVicar talks about his new crowdfunded graphic novel, The Last Cavalier

THE story of Michael Cross, modern-day Templar Knight, is waiting to be told as work and hope gets underway on a new crowdfunded graphic novel, and The Last Cavalier has ambitious plans.

A theological fantasy thriller set amid the mysterious backdrop of Turin (Torino), Italy, The Last Cavalier aims to be more than just a Da Vinci CodeX-Files crossbreed, in its exploration of dark global conspiracies.

Michael Cross is an art historian with anger issues – granted, not the best human flaw when you’re keeping the forces of good and evil in balance. But hey, where would the fun be without trying to escape world destiny?

For author Daniel McVicar, The Last Cavalier project marks a change of direction, having swapped acting success on American television for life in the city of Turin itself.

“I wanted to create a modern day hero, but with a heightened sense of the past,” explained Daniel.

“Michael Cross is taking on his own life, as a man with a history and a nature that has elements of good and evil in his very blood. When touched the wrong way, the evil comes and gives him unique force. He gets more interesting to me all the time and his destiny is revealed in the first two graphic novels.”

Daniel McVicar & Gianluca Gugliotta

Daniel McVicar & Gianluca Gugliotta

Teaming up with author and screenwriter Roberto Pretti, and acclaimed DC and Marvel comic artist, Gianluca Gugliotta, Daniel’s creation grew out of the magic of his new surroundings.

And the adventures for Michael Cross begin with a Torino homecoming and the mysterious disappearance of a certain Holy Shroud, which throws the world out of balance.

Starting with such a compelling real life myth, The Last Cavalier connects with other cultural legends and theologies, mixing a rich pallet of history and fantasy, reflected in Gianluca Gugliotta’s highly stylised artwork.

“I can’t begin to tell you how much I was moved when I first saw the images of Michael Cross and this world of The Last Cavalier [come] to life,” Daniel reflected.

“I feel a swell of emotion just thinking about it. Gianluca understands this story very well, and is a pleasure to work with. His work is detailed, soulful and magnificent.”

Graphic novels are just the start of the journey for The Last Cavalier. Daniel McVicar and his creative team have their sights firmly set on the big screen.

“We have always thought of The Last Cavalier as a film, or series of films. I am very pleased that we are starting with a graphic novel with an artist like Gugliotta, because we can have a clear vision of this world.”

For the time being, though, Daniel is relishing peoples’ response to the project, which is already attracting crowdfunded support online.

“Now we are connecting with the public, one by one with the backers, I realise how special that relationship is, and I treasure it.

“This First Edition on Kickstarter will be special. We are offering some original one-of-a-kind artwork by Gianluca Gugliotta as we move into production.

“I reach out personally to every backer and thank them. Each step is wonderful, but I can’t wait to see the day that we print and ship!”

So, if you’re intrigued to find out more about sword-wielding Michael Cross and his global adventures in search of spiritual artefacts, drop by to find out more.